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The Chaos Butterfly

The Chaos Butterfly is really a special symbol and summation of the Chaos project. The butterfly is made out of two continuous lines that form symmetrical wings. Two coffee beans can be found within the design of the butterfly’s wings.

Rooted in Chaos Theory, the butterfly symbolizes the significance of changing variables within a complex system. For example, something as insignificant as the flap of a butterfly's wings can have a profound and unpredictable effect throughout the universe.

The two beans depicted represent the two seeds present within a cherry growing on the coffee plant. These seeds are the inception of a long process of nature and nurture that will grow into the cup of coffee we'll drink today.

The coffee bean’s journey continues from farming to processing, transporting to roasting, and brewing to drinking. Each step introduces many new variables, all of which can be tweaked and changed to produce infinite variations in the system’s final result, the cup you drink.

Additionally, musical allusions are found throughout Chaos Roasting’s operations to draw the similarities between the coordination of musicians creating an orchestral performance and the people and natural forces creating a cup of coffee.

It's under this chaotic premise that I promise to bring you the freshest roasted coffee from producers who are focused on the art of their craft, in hopes that something so seemingly insignificant will have a profound impact on your universe as it does in mine.

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