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Rwanda Karambi

Rwanda Karambi


Some flavors that make this honey-process Rwanda stand out are red raspberry, fresh dates and molasses. 


12oz Bag of Single-Origin Whole Bean Coffee unless you'd like it ground up for ya!



Grinding coffee yourself right before brewing it is always recommended.

Feel free to reach out about cheap and easy ways to begin grinding your own coffee.


If you're not there yet, select a grind option below based on how you brew your coffee. 


Not far from the shores of Lake Kivu lies Karambi, a coffee washing station named after Karambi town where it resides. The altitude at the Karambi station is 1700 meters above sea level and the coffee is grown upwards of 2000 meters in the surrounding mountainside. The station was erected to buy coffee from smallholder farmers in the region, many of whom also work at the site processing and preparing the coffee for export. They produce wet-process ("fully washed"), honey process, and dry process ("naturals") coffee at Karambi. All three undergo intensive sorting technics in order to make sure the A1 grade coffee is made up of the densest seeds. This is a honey process lot and in terms of flavor, fits somewhere between the clean, sweet cup profile of a wet process coffee and more fruit-forward characteristics of a natural. 

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