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Nicaragua Buenos Aires

Nicaragua Buenos Aires


A wild and fruited coffee with rustic sweetness, wine-like berry notes, cooked cherries, tamarind, orange creamsicle, and a touch of cranberry lambic beer.


12oz Bag of Single-Origin Whole Bean Coffee unless grind preference is specified.


I always recommend grinding coffee right before brewing it and are happy to recommend cheap and easy ways to begin grinding your own coffee.


If you're not there yet, I'll grind it for you based on your preferred brew method. 

The Maracaturra cultivar is a large bean variety of coffee, a cross between Caturra and the so-called "Elephant Bean", Maragogype. It seems to be grown mostly in Nicaragua although I have found nice examples in El Salvador too.

Buenos Aires is a somewhat low altitude farm compared to other origins I buy, with this lot coming from about 1200 meters.

This coffee is dry-processed, which means that the sticky layer of fruit mucilage is left on for the entire drying process. This tends to produce fruited tones and bolster body. Maracturra can be tricky to roast due to the enormous bean size. 

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