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Columbia Inza Las Estrellas

Columbia Inza Las Estrellas


Tasting Notes of honey, sugar, golden apple and dark chocolate!


Super versatile coffee that will taste great on its own as a pour-over or as an espresso-based milk drink!


12oz Bag of Single-Origin Whole Bean Coffee unless Grind preference is specified.


I always recommend grinding coffee right before brewing it and are happy to recommend cheap and easy ways to begin grinding your own coffee.


If you're not there yet, I'll grind it for you based on your preferred brew method. 

"Las Estrellas", is a regional blend of high scoring coffees from Inzá, Cauca. This season's Las Estrellas is made up of 10 different coffee farms. There is a similar trend of cultivar planting and processing techniques in this region. Most of the farms are less than 2 hectares in size, Caturra varietal heavily represented, with Variedad Colombia and Typica mixed in. The majority of coffee production is performed using depulpers powered by small gas motors or by hand crank, then fermented overnight, and finally drying in covered drying rooms ("parabolicos"). The latter helps protect the unstable, wet parchment from the elements, and ventilation facilitates good airflow and even drying. Altitude on the low end is about 1500 meters and tops out closer to 2000.

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